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Application of rotomized materials in the field of engineering vehicles


Rotomolding, also known as rotomolding, rotary forming, rotary forming, etc., is a kind of thermosetting plastic hollow forming method. The method is to first add plastic raw materials to the mold, and then the mold along the two vertical axes continue to rotate and heat it, the plastic raw materials in the mold under the action of gravity and heat energy, slowly uniform coating, melting and adhesion to the entire surface of the mold cavity, forming the required style, and then through cooling and shaping products, so we understand the scope of application of rotomizing products? Then let's give you a detailed explanation.

1. Container rotoplastic products

It is widely used for storage tanks, storage tanks for all kinds of liquid chemicals (such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical pesticides, agriculture). Medicine, etc.), containers for gasoline (gasoline storage tanks and fuel tanks for automobiles and aircraft), shells for batteries, etc.

2, automotive rotoplastic products

Mainly the use of polyethylene and polyethylene paste resin, roll molding into all kinds of pipe fittings, such as air conditioning elbows, chair backs, handrails and so on.

3. Sports equipment and various alternatives

There are mainly polyethylene paste rotoplastic products, such as water balloons, floats, bicycle cushions, boats and the buffer absorber between the boat and the dock.

4. Small toys, models, artwork, etc

Because the rotoplastic mold can be made by high-precision casting, electroforming and other processes; The surface of the rotomolding product has a very good "copy" effect on the fine structure of the surface of the mold cavity, so the rotomolding method can make the product very beautiful and beautiful, which is often seen in the production of products with relatively large ornamental value, especially small toys, models, artworks, etc.

5, all kinds of box, shell, large pipe fittings and other products

Such as plastic turnover boxes, garbage cans, equipment shells, protective covers, lamp covers, bathrooms, toilets and telephone rooms, cruise ships, etc. Rotoplastic products in liquid chemical storage and transportation, chemical plants, industrial spraying, thin. The washing tank and reaction tank made of soil have also been widely used in river and sea buoys, domestic water tanks and other industries.

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